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18 Dec

As the world slept…

…has generic blogging “jumped the shark”? I’ve been noticing, with some interest, the number of blogs that are repositioning themselves in cyberspace. They’re tending to become more commercial (to be fair, I’ve had Adsense on my blog, but have yet to collect the first paycheck. In fact, in the almost two years that I’ve had it online, there’s been $55.04 in potential earnings made — but payout only happens at the $100 mark. November brought in .01), and less like an online rambling diary.

Myspace has become tiresome. I was at the mall the other day where they had kiosks for free internet access. All the teenagers were on either myspace or facebook trying to let people know where they were. Those that weren’t on computers were txt’ing on cell phones.

So the technology changes yet again. What is hot now will not be in six months. It’s practically impossible to keep up, unless you do nothing but spend all your time doing that.


How are you and your family celebrating the holidays? (Yes, holidays: Chanukah, Solstice, Christmas, Kwanza, and others.) I’m going through and clearning house. I’m donating clothes, household items, and things that I used to really fancy, but no longer bring me joy. I hope they’ll bring someone joy and happiness. It’s a cleansing process, one that is long overdue.

Music wise, things are interesting… and I’ll be compiling my top 50 (or 100) and putting online. Those that know their way around know how to get to it. But here’s a sampling:

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    FencerScott Says:

    You left out the Buddha’s Birthday (I believe it was on Dec. 6th)! How could you! : ) LOL

    I probably won’t be seeing you online, as I’ll be travelling over the next several days, so let me wish you a very happy holiday season and a peaceful New Year!

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