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11 Nov

Stealing a page from Tink…

I present the weekend wrap-up.

Chicken Saltimbocca is awesome, and, as I found out, both easy and relatively inexpenisve to make. Finally, a way to appreciate proscuitto without breadsticks or melon!

Love is a wonderful thing. If you’re not in it, change that. ASAP.

A few of you have written to say that you find my blog bland or boring. Life’s about change, isn’t it? I don’t get riled up over things anymore. Actually, what you see here is closer to the real me than the old blog ever was. The things that people will do to attempt to attract readers…I am happy to finally be free of that.

Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio makes a great wine to pair with the afforementioned saltimobocca.

Indian cuisine is good, regardless of if it’s vegetarian or with tandori chicken.

Carrots and leeks make an awesome soup.

There’s no better feeling than fresh, fluffy sheets to fall asleep on.

I’m beginning to post things on ebay again, downsizing, in prepartion for my move, and the next chapter of my life. What to see what I have put up? Bookmark this. I’m going to attempt to put up at least two items a day (more on the weekends, obviously). If you see something you like, please bid on it. All proceeds are going to my moving fund.

Keep CA in your thoughts this week. Keep Tink in your thoughts for next week. See everyone soon!

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